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Women who develop inflammatory arthritis or psoriasis often do so in the prime of their lives, leaving them with concerns related to their reproductive and sexual health. But they struggle to find support in their employer-sponsored benefits plans. “We know that diversity, equity and inclusion are a really big piece of [human resources] these days,” […]

Some 8.4 million adult Canadians adults live with obesity and severe obesity has increased 455 per cent since 1985, according to Dr. Mary Forhan (pictured left), scientific director-elect of Obesity Canada, during a session supported by Desjardins Insurance at Benefits Canada‘s 2022 Chronic Disease at Work event in February. Although many believe that people can […]

Chronic physical health conditions and anxiety and mood disorders are frequently co-morbid conditions, so it’s important for employers to understand the link and how to support staff in the workplace, said Deborah McLeod, clinical director at Carepath Inc., during Benefits Canada’s 2022 Chronic Disease at Work conference in February. People living with chronic physical health […]