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The Canada Revenue Agency’s guidance for determining a full-time remote worker’s province of employment for payroll deduction purposes, which came into force on Jan. 1, could prove burdensome to employers. “While the intention is to create certainty, whether it will do so remains to be seen,” says Sarah Mills, an employment lawyer at Blaney McMurtry […]

For years, many employees had ad hoc, work-from-home arrangements with their employers. Then came the coronavirus pandemic, which kicked the shift to remote working into overdrive, forcing employers to spring into action to find ways to best use group benefits plans to support their employees through the change. As a result, employers came up with […]

The federal government has published revised draft legislation for the Income Tax Act that would facilitate the conversion of existing health and welfare trusts into employee life and health trusts by 2022. The latest draft legislation follows an initial proposal in the government’s 2018 budget and draft legislative proposals released in May 2019. It noted that the […]

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  • December 2, 2020 April 28, 2021
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The Canada Revenue Agency is waiving the minimum one per cent employer contribution requirement for defined contribution pension plans for the rest of 2020. To take advantage of the contribution relief, employers must amend their DC plans to suspend accruals for the year, meaning no employer or employee contributions can be made. Further, DC plan […]