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The 2022 Defined Contribution Investment Forum, held virtually on Jan. 21, explored how generational priorities impact investment options and strategies, including the growing importance of environmental, social and governance factors; the introduction of liquid investments and real assets, helping all age groups set the right glide path to retirement; and ensuring communication reaches all plan members. […]

Defined contribution plan sponsors are facing a world of disruption, from artificial intelligence and big data to the Great Resignation and the shifting of power from employers to employees. The ones that thrive will be those that flip old narratives to move forward, said Shawn Kanungo, a disruption strategist and partner at Queen & Rook Capital. […]

Defined contribution plan sponsors must carefully consider diversification and risk as they evaluate their target-date fund strategy to ensure it’s meeting the needs of members. But while these terms are commonly used in the industry, they can take on different meanings when it comes to target-date funds, said Ruthann Pritchard, institutional portfolio manager of global […]

Asset managers have responded to a growing demand from investors for socially responsible investing, with pledges to integrate environmental, social and governance factors into the way they invest. But investors are skeptical that companies are making as much progress as they say. More than three-quarters (77 per cent) of Canadian institutional investors believe companies are overstating […]

While target-date funds have traditionally been a one-sized-fits-almost-all solution, innovation to integrate environmental, social and governance-oriented strategies into these funds is coming just as plan members are seeking more sustainable investing options. “The vast majority of Canadians say ESG integration is important in their investing,” said Wylie Tollette, executive vice-president and head of client investment […]

Defined contribution plan sponsors are facing much more challenging market conditions heading into 2022, with lower expected returns across core asset classes and high levels of uncertainty around the pandemic, rising inflation and other market factors. “This is truly an exceptionally difficult environment to navigate,” said Som Priestly, multi-asset solutions strategist at T. Rowe Price, […]

With sustainable investing gaining significant popularity, it’s critically important for defined contribution plan sponsors to understand how underlying investment managers integrate environmental, social and governance factors into their investment processes. “Let’s think about ESG not as a separate process and overlay or a yes or no question, but as a core reinforcing part of how […]

Alternative assets have long been the domain of institutional investors seeking to increase their risk-adjusted returns, but defined contribution plan sponsors now have the opportunity to access these assets in the form of liquid alternatives in their target-date fund offerings. Over the last five years, the expected returns of traditional balanced portfolios in target-date funds […]

KPMG Canada has seen firsthand the benefits that environmental, social and governance investing can have on employees’ retirement savings and the wider world. It recently introduced an environmental leaders fund into its defined contribution pension plan lineup. In the month it was launched, contributions into the fund from the organization and its employees played a […]

In an environment where plan members don’t always understand their retirement arrangements, may be frustrated with market volatility and aren’t adequately preparing for retirement, DC plan sponsors are on the lookout for new ways to help members mitigate risk and increase returns. Our annual DC Investment Forum explored some of these strategies.