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More than half (53 per cent) of Canadian employees say they feel negatively about work and 30 per cent feel tired and overworked, according to a new survey by ADP Canada. The survey, which polled more than 1,800 employees, found two-thirds (68 per cent) said work-life balance was among their top three priorities (along with […]

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  • November 1, 2023 November 1, 2023
  • 09:00

Nearly three-quarters (71 per cent) of women say financial struggles due to inflation are impacting their mental health and finances are becoming more of a barrier to accessing mental-health support, according to a new survey by GreenShield and Mental Health Research Canada. The survey, which polled more than 12,000 Canadians, found women were 30 per […]

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  • October 16, 2023 October 13, 2023
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More than half (58 per cent) of U.S. employees say they’re significantly worried about one or more aspects of their personal finances, including saving for retirement and building emergency savings, according to a new survey by John Hancock Financial. In addition, with the market declines across asset classes in 2022, 70 per cent of survey respondents […]

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  • April 25, 2023 April 24, 2023
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Nearly three-quarters (71 per cent) of Canadian employees feel their mental health has interfered with their ability to work in the past year, according to a new survey commissioned by Manulife Financial Corp. and conducted by Edelman DXI. The survey, which polled more than 1,500 Canadians, found four-fifths of employees said they’re worried about their […]

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  • April 21, 2023 April 21, 2023
  • 15:00
Ontario DB pension solvency up again in third quarter: FSRA

A fifth (19 per cent) of U.S. employees say they’ve adjusted their retirement strategy and are taking a more conservative savings approach amid economic uncertainty, according to a new report by Fidelity Investments Inc. It found the total savings rate for the second quarter of 2022 continued the positive momentum achieved in the first quarter, […]

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  • August 19, 2022 August 21, 2022
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Pension spending alone supported more than 41,000 jobs across Alberta and contributed more than $4.4 billion to the province’s gross domestic product in 2021, according to a new report by the Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis. This is equivalent to $14.40 of GDP for every $10 of retirement benefit payments received in 2021. The report […]

Institutional investors turning to equities, global markets in 2021

Institutional investors are focusing on equities and global markets as the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic continue in Canada, according to a webinar hosted by Franklin Templeton Investments Corp. on Tuesday. In the keynote address, Stephen Poloz, former governor of the Bank of Canada, said the pandemic is amplifying the economic effects of five pre-existing […]

Economic statement includes new rules for employee stock options

In Monday’s fall economic statement, the federal government proposed changes to employee stock option rules and offered additional support for essential workers. The statement provided an overview of the government’s approach to combating the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, while offering details on additional measures moving forward. The changes to employee stock option tax rules include an annual […]

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  • December 1, 2020 April 28, 2021
  • 10:30
Older workers key to rebuilding G20 economies: report

Across the G20 nations, older workers are increasingly vital to a post-pandemic recovery, according to a new report by ageing policy think tank International Longevity Centre U.K. Every third dollar is earned by someone aged 50 or older and nearly one in three workers (29 per cent of the G20 workforce) were over the age of 50 […]

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  • October 16, 2020 July 25, 2023
  • 09:02
Head to head: What shape will global economic recovery take?

As the global economy slogs through one of the most dire situations in living memory, some predict it will bounce right back to its old self, while others aren’t so sure. Janet Rabovsky, independent investment consultant With lockdown restrictions lifting, Canadians are wondering how quickly the economy may rebound. While none of us have a […]