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Women and men to reach pay equality in 257 years: report

Men and women will have pay equality in 257 years, according to a new report by the World Economic Forum. The estimate is 55 more years than the estimates from past reports. This year’s report found a two per cent increase in the number of women in senior roles, but noted that women’s participation in the […]

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  • January 3, 2020 November 12, 2020
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Are automatic DC plan features affecting the pension gender gap?

With cohorts in the workforce behaving differently as they prepare for retirement, it’s important for plan sponsors to consider these differences along gender and generational lines. At Benefits Canada’s 2019 Defined Contribution Investment Forum in Toronto on Sept. 27, Jean Young, senior research associate at the Vanguard Center for Investor Research, shared a survey that […]

Gender wage gap narrows to 13.3%, women earn $4.13 less per hour: StatsCan

Women in their core working years earned on average 13.3 per cent less per hour than men in 2018, marking a 5.5 percentage point improvement over the past 20 years, according to a new report by Statistics Canada. The research paper released Monday said in 2018 female employees between the ages of 25 to 54 […]

Women in Canada’s benefits, pension and investment industries talk career, workplace attire and family

Since Grace Palombo joined Great-West Lifeco Inc. five years ago, she’s seen a shift at the company. Back then, in her role as executive vice-president and chief human resources officer, she was the only woman in a group of 12 executives who reported to the chief executive officer. Today, the company’s leadership includes eight members […]

A new University of Guelph study says the wage gap has closed between women and men with newly earned PhDs. The study, which focuses on gender equity in the labour market, found that both male and female doctoral graduates earn about $70,000 annually during the first three years after convocation. Prof. David Walters says this […]

Scotiabank looks to employee data to tackle gender diversity

When Scotiabank was looking to find new ways to close the gender gap, it turned to what it had been deploying in nearly every other facet of its business: technology. It analyzed a myriad of data sets for its Canadian employees, including internal social media interactions and past performance data, to come up with variables that correlated with […]

Using better communication to help employers close the retirement gender gap

In preparing for retirement, women have to contend with the salary gap, barriers to career continuity and more limited access to employer-sponsored pension plans, making them more stressed about their financial futures than men, according to a recent report by Invesco Canada Ltd. The report set out three key ways employers can engage on this issue. […]

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The Pensions Policy Institute and U.K. consumer advocacy group Which? are teaming up to recommend to the U.K. government that working mothers should receive a top-up to their pensions in an effort to close the pension gender gap. The groups’ analysis found a woman in the U.K. who took time off for childcare responsibilities would put an average […]

When women thrive, organizations thrive, even in a disrupted economy

Whose jobs are put most at risk by artificial intelligence and automation? Common wisdom says it’s men, particularly blue collar men whose jobs are primarily manual labour, such as factory workers put at risk by robotics or truck drivers put at risk by the advance of driverless cars. However, the truth is more complicated. Many […]

Today’s corporate culture of always being on and available has led to higher levels of work-life conflict where men are struggling to balance their new roles in society, according to a study by Deloitte’s Doblin human-centred design and human capital consulting practices. According to the study, men are now facing backlash when stepping outside traditional […]