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B.C.’s NDP developing benefits, pension supports for gig workers

On the heels of winning re-election in British Columbia, the New Democratic Party’s work is just beginning, particularly in delivering on its promise to extend pensions and benefits to precarious workers across the province. In its re-election platform, the party pledged to develop a government-backed, collective benefit fund for independent contractors, self-employed and part-time workers, […]

U.S. SEC proposing gig workers paid in company stocks

Uber Technologies Inc., Lyft Inc. and other app-based ride-hailing and delivery services spent $200 million in a winning bet to circumvent California lawmakers and the courts to preserve their business model by keeping drivers from becoming employees eligible for benefits and job protections. The titans of the so-called gig economy bankrolled the most expensive ballot […]

New Uber contract could have chilling effect on class action, says lawyer

Uber Technologies Inc. is trying to keep its Canadian drivers from joining or starting class-action lawsuits against the company — a move that threatens to upend a $400-million fight from drivers wanting to be recognized as employees, says a lawyer. Employment lawyer Lior Samfiru, who is pursuing the case, said drivers using the platform were […]

Foodora parent company to pay $3.46-million to Canadian couriers

More than 2,000 former Foodora Canada couriers will receive compensation for losing their contracts when the food delivery service abruptly exited the Canadian market in mid-May. The $3.46-million settlement between the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, non-unionized couriers represented by Koskie Minsky LLP, Foodora Inc. and its German parent company Delivery Hero will resolve the […]

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  • August 28, 2020 November 12, 2020
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Trudeau says feds will create EI like benefit for gig, contract workers

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the government plans to move out-of-work Canadians into the employment insurance system and provide parallel support for millions set to exhaust emergency pandemic aid who don’t have EI to fall back on. The $80-billion Canada Emergency Response Benefit is set to wind down over the coming weeks, with those who […]

Could the pandemic prompt employment insurance reforms?

More than eight million Canadians have received the $2,000 monthly Canada Emergency Response Benefit over the course of the pandemic. But labour experts say its very existence, while a triumph of policy-making on the fly, proves the need for significant reform to Canada’s employment insurance system. The pandemic quickly exposed long-standing issues with the EI […]

The Supreme Court of Canada has cleared the way for Uber drivers to take the next step in their fight to be recognized as employees. In a ruling Friday, the high court upheld an Ontario Court of Appeal decision that opened the door to a possible class-action suit aimed at securing a minimum wage, vacation […]

While Foodora announced in April that it’s shutting down its Canadian operations, its Toronto and Mississauga drivers, nevertheless, have voted to join the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, making them the first app-based workforce to unionize. “The truth is free — we are a union and we deserve respect and rights from our employer,” said Iván Ostos, a […]

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  • June 17, 2020 December 2, 2020
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Uber Black drivers fight for unionization at labour board hearing

Toronto drivers for Uber Technologies Inc.’s premium Black service are fighting to bring themselves one stop closer to unionization and being recognized as employees of the popular ride-sharing app. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union appeared in a virtual Ontario Labour Relations Board hearing on Friday to represent Uber Black limousine and SUV drivers working in and out […]

The federal government is expanding the Canada Emergency Response Benefit to include workers whose monthly income has been reduced to $1,000 or less, in response to concerns from gig economy workers who didn’t qualify for the original version of the benefit. The benefit will also now apply to seasonal workers who won’t have work because […]

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  • April 15, 2020 March 19, 2021
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