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The green shoots of Canada’s green bond market

Canada’s green bond market has been growing, but investors would benefit from digging a little deeper to ensure what they’re buying is in fact green…

2020 Consultants Report: Pandemic will fundamentally change benefits, pension plans

The coronavirus pandemic is fundamentally changing the future of work and, very likely, the nature of employer-sponsored benefits and pension plans. Looking to the end…

What does an increase in long-term government debt issuance mean for pension plans?

As part of the federal government’s debt management strategy, it’s increasing long-term debt issuance. In particular, the government will be increasing issuance of the 10-year…


BCI’s QuadReal launches green bond framework

QuadReal Property Group, the real estate investment arm of the British Columbia Investment Management Corp., is launching a green bond framework. The framework is for…

  • By: Staff
  • July 20, 2020 December 6, 2020
  • 07:38

Should institutional investors be concerned over surge in U.S. corporate bond supply?

The increase in U.S. corporate debt issued in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak could be a warning signal to credit investors, according to a…

  • By: Staff
  • July 3, 2020 December 6, 2020
  • 08:56

Bank of Canada launches corporate bond purchase program

Last week marked the beginning of an unprecedented one-year program through which the Bank of Canada is purchasing corporate bonds. The program, originally announced on…


OPTrust highlights green bonds, sustainable investment team in responsible investing report

The OPSEU Pension Trust has released a responsible investing report, highlighting a number of sustainability initiatives it has undertaken in the past year. In 2019,…

  • By: Staff
  • May 13, 2020 December 6, 2020
  • 09:14

A 20-year treasury bond: Part of $2.99 trillion borrowing

The U.S. Treasury Department is detailing how it plans to borrow a record-breaking $2.99 trillion in debt this quarter, which will include issuing a 20-year…


Managing fixed income liquidity issues caused by the coronavirus crash

When the coronavirus prompted a collapse in both economic activity and equity markets in March, it put an end to the longest bull market in…


Getting the most from a corporate bond portfolio

Canadian pension plans have increased their demand for long corporate bonds, but high demand and low yields combined with a relatively small marketplace in Canada…


BBB-rated corporate bonds representing larger part of Canadian market

BBB-rated corporate bonds are becoming a bigger part of the Canadian market, according to an analysis by FTSE Russell. In particular, at the end of…

  • By: Yaelle Gang
  • February 26, 2020 December 13, 2020
  • 06:37

Green, social and sustainability bond issuance expected to spike in 2020: report

Green, social and sustainability bond issuance is set to jump by 24 per cent in 2020, according to new data from Moody’s Investor Service Inc.…

  • By: Staff
  • February 5, 2020 December 13, 2020
  • 10:07

Siri? Alexa? For fixed income investments, ask Abbie

Around the world, people are streamlining their everyday tasks by asking Siri or Alexa for help. And now, the chatbot concept is becoming useful in…


FTSE Russell expands climate risk-adjusted government bond index series

Index-provider FTSE Russell is launching the first government bond index of countries in the economic and monetary union of the European Union that adjusts country…

  • By: Staff
  • January 28, 2020 December 13, 2020
  • 08:33

IMF: Low rates and reduced trade tension to aid world growth

Low interest rates and reduced trade tensions will likely buoy the global economy over the next two years and help nurture steady if modest growth.…


Watchdog warns of dangers in riskier corner of debt market

In a low-rate world where income is increasingly tough to find, more and more investors are getting into the riskier corners of lending to companies.…


Nasdaq launches sustainable bond network

The Nasdaq is launching a publicly available, web-based sustainable bond network. Bond issuers will be able to use the platform to voluntarily publish data and…

  • By: Staff
  • December 19, 2019 December 13, 2020
  • 08:03
2019 Top 40 Money Managers Report: How plan sponsors hedge portfolio exposure in their own sectors

2019 Top 40 Money Managers Report: How plan sponsors hedge portfolio exposure in their own sectors

Canada’s economy is famously reliant on its rich natural resources, with a heaping helping of financial service providers thrown in for good measure. But when…

Dissecting China’s debt problem

China’s debt problem is serious, but the risk of a hard landing or banking crisis is, in my view, low. The reason is that the…


What does the yield curve say?

A lot of ink has poured into the discussion of an inverted yield curve, and what it means, yet I am still unsure if people…


Looking under the hood at core-plus fixed income

A key theme in Canadian institutional investing has been a prolonged period of low and declining interest rates. As many institutions maintain a substantial domestic…

Economic twilight zone: Bonds that charge you for lending

Imagine lending money to someone and having to pay for the privilege of doing so. Or being asked to invest and informed of how much…


What’s behind negative bond yields?

For the first time in its existence, the German 30-year government bond yield slipped into the negatives and it isn’t inconceivable that U.S. Treasuries could…

  • By: Staff
  • August 16, 2019 January 9, 2021
  • 07:52

Sun Life becomes first insurance company to offer sustainability bond

While many financial institutions are issuing green bonds, Sun Life Financial is the first insurance company globally to issue a sustainability bond, which will cover…


U.S.-dollar Asian bonds growing in market share

U.S.-denominated Asian bonds have reached US$1.1 trillion in outstanding bonds and now rank alongside U.S. high yield and bank loans, according to an Invesco Canada…

  • By: Staff
  • July 12, 2019 January 9, 2021
  • 09:17