11 predictions for 2015

How will Canada’s economy perform this year? How will the plunge in oil prices affect world economies, including Canada’s? And what’s the outlook for equities and bonds?

Economists, money managers and others have different opinions on the future. Here are some of their top predictions for 2015.

IMF trims Canadian growth forecast
The International Monetary Fund has cut its forecast for Canada and the global economy.

Investment industry CEOs optimistic
Canada’s investment industry CEOs are optimistic about the outlook for capital markets and their individual firms in the coming year, according to an Investment Industry Association of Canada survey.

7 forecasts for 2015
Seven economists give their forecasts on the global economy, markets, currencies and more.

The good times are over, says Bill Gross
Bond guru Bill Gross predicts 2015 won’t be a very good year.

A tactically cautious year ahead
Heading into 2015 it’s fair to say our mindset is more cautious. We remain bullish overall toward equities, but we do see greater risks.

Global economic growth to remain fragile: Report
World economic growth is likely to remain frustratingly fragile for some time.

The outlook for Japan
Hayes Miller, North American head of asset allocation for Baring Asset Management, gives his outlook on Japan.

U.S. economy expected to grow faster than Canada’s
Canada’s economy is expected to grow by 2% in 2015, lagging behind the United States’ expected growth rate of 3%.

International trade to drive economic growth
International trade is expected to be the key driver of Canadian economic growth in 2015, as exports continue to receive a boost from a weak Canadian dollar, an accelerating U.S. economy and, to a lesser degree, an improving European economy.

Investment professionals predict meagre growth in 2015
Investment professionals worldwide expect the global economy to grow at just 2% in 2015.

2015 outlook: Sunny with a chance of recession
Diverging global monetary policy will have an impact on every asset class, but poses interesting and diverse opportunities for proactive investors.