Inc. and Walmart Inc. are offering bonuses to U.S. employees who show proof of a coronavirus vaccination.

Amazon is giving $100 to new hires who show proof of vaccination, according to a press release, which noted the company is also offering sign-on bonuses of up to $1,000 in some locations as it hires more than 75,000 new employees across North America.

The company is also launching a new mental-health benefit, Resources for Living, for its U.S. employees. The benefit will provide mental-health support and access to free counselling sessions available in person and by phone, video or text.

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Meanwhile, Walmart is offering a $75 bonus to U.S. workers who show proof of vaccination, according to a press release. It noted the offer is available to field-based employees below the level of facility manager. In December, Walmart Canada gave more than 85,000 employees an appreciation bonus payment for their ongoing dedication during the pandemic’s second wave.

And Canada Goose Inc. is hosting an onsite coronavirus vaccination clinic this week, in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Health. The clinic is operating May 25 and 26 at the company’s manufacturing facility in Scarborough, Ont., according to a press release, which noted the clinic is open to Canada Goose employees and their families, as well as employees of businesses in the surrounding area who are unable to work remotely.

Earlier this year, Canada Goose began offering all its staff up to four hours paid leave to get vaccinated, as well as the opportunity to have vaccine-related queries addressed by a medical professional.

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