Conference Coverage: 2018 Mental Health Summit Toronto

At the annual Mental Health Summit Toronto on Nov. 12, industry experts provided insights on mental health and the workplace, including how to remove the stigma, a look at new technologies and ways to help facilitate a smooth return to work.

Here are some of the highlights of the sessions:

Accommodation an affordable path to benefits savings
Providing accommodation to employees with mental illness can yield major benefits savings of about $56,000 to $200,000 per employee over a five-year projection. Read more

The use of technology in tracking and preventing depression
Despite the Canadian Biomarker Integration Network in Depression’s goal to define biosignatures that make depression cases unique by looking at molecular profiling, pre-clinical work, data science and neuroimaging, Dr. Claudio Soares said the organization is about 10 years behind other specialties. Read more

Stress, aging population driving up mental-health claims
With 44 per cent of Canadian workers experiencing mental-health issues and mental health the fastest growing and leading cause of disability claims, benefits plans are feeling the strain. Read more

An in-depth look at digital cognitive behavioural therapy
Cognitive behavioural therapy is one field of mental-health treatment moving progressively towards being digitally delivered. Read more

Lessons from Australia, England in addressing access to mental-health care
Two-thirds of Canadians have access to an employer-sponsored health plan, compared to one-in-five Australians and one-in-10 Britons. Read more

Workplace culture touted as beneficial for return to work
For employees who have been away from the workplace due to mental illness, providing treatment, reducing stigma and getting employees back to work comes down to workplace culture. Read more

Analyzing the pros and cons of cognitive behavioural therapy
After extensively analyzing more than 50 articles and systematic reviews of cognitive behavioural therapy, Deborah McLeod, director at Carepath Inc., knows there are still questions to be explored. Read more