Digital health startups Maple and Dot Health are partnering to deliver a platform with more accessible virtual health care for Canadian benefits plan members and individuals.

Maple, which connects users virtually with health-care professionals, works with employers to build custom telemedicine benefits packages that suit their plan members’ needs. Dot Health allows users to gain access to their medical records for free on its app.

The partnership will allow users to connect their profiles from each app and share their personal medical history with Maple’s health-care professionals when they call in, enabling doctors to have important information for treatment, according to a press release.

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The companies also noted the partnership will allow people to better manage their health, which in turn will reduce absenteeism.

“In the ER, I constantly run into cases where I need to access a patient’s medical records but can’t see any of their past history, even with the hospital’s electronic medical records system,” said Brett Belchetz, co-founder and chief executive officer at Maple. “Similarly, I often wish there was an easy way for all of a patient’s health-care providers to see the notes from their ER visit with me. This integration solves both of these needs.”