Employees prioritizing fitness benefits during pandemic: survey

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, employees are viewing fitness benefits with increased importance, according to a new survey by ClassPass Inc.

The survey found 70 per cent of respondents said they consider fitness benefits second only to health-care benefits, with 92 per cent saying they plan to return to gyms in 2021. Within that group, 50 per cent of respondents said they plan to have a mix of in-studio and at-home sessions next year, while 40 per cent said they want to work out exclusively at gyms once they feel safe to do so.

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A quarter (25 per cent) said they’ve been exercising more since the beginning of the pandemic. Among respondents currently working from home, 20 per cent said they’re using their previous commute time to work out, while 80 per cent said scheduled fitness activities have helped them establish a new routine.

The survey also found 60 per cent of respondents who participated in a team workout through the workplace said they felt more connected to their colleagues afterwards.