Molson Coors launches paid leave programs during coronavirus

Molson Coors Beverage Co. is providing all its North American employees with access to new paid leave programs during the coronavirus crisis.

For employees who have to work onsite and are at “high risk for severe outcomes of coronavirus,” the company is offering the option of a voluntary paid leave during the month of April. Employees, who must be in a group deemed by federal health authorities to be at high risk, can receive 60 per cent of their wages while off work, Molson Coors said in a press release.

It has also created a second paid leave program of up to 80 hours for employees who contract the coronavirus or are forced to self-quarantine. The company said the goal of the program was to prevent these employees from losing pay or being forced to use their regular sick leave while they’re off work.

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Molson Coors has also launched a pay incentive for brewery and distribution employees who have to work onsite. All hourly employees will receive an extra $5 an hour, including for overtime pay, while salaried employees will receive an extra $200 per week.

The company has also indefinitely extended its work-from-home recommendation for any North American employees and contractors who aren’t doing essential onsite work.

“These are challenging times for the world and our company, and our priority is to ensure the safety of our people and the stability of our business,” said Gavin Hattersley, president and chief executive officer of Molson Coors, in the release. “I’m proud of how resilient our people have been during this time, including the people who brew, package and ship our quality beers and keep our breweries and business running. I can’t thank them enough.”

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