Saskatchewan proposes increase to maternity, adoptions leaves

Saskatchewan is proposing an increase to maternity and adoption leaves, calling the suggested changes the longest time off in the country.

A bill introduced in the legislature would allow new mothers to take 19 weeks off, one week more than they get now. The proposal would also align parental leave with new federal standards of 59 weeks for a mother if she took full leave. If another parent took the entire leave or collected employment insurance, parental leave would expand to 63 weeks.

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The government also plans to make workers eligible to take 17 weeks off to care for critically ill adult family members. As well, it’s proposing that interpersonal violence leave is extended to 10 days to include survivors of sexual violence, suggesting survivors can use the time to seek medical or legal assistance, move to a safe space or obtain support services.

“During a major life event, such as bringing a child into the family or assisting a loved one experiencing a serious illness, workers should not have to worry about job security,” said Don Morgan, labour relations minister, in a statement.

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