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In 2022, normal was supposed to make a comeback — it didn’t. Just as supply chains began to stabilize, war broke out in Europe, China invaded Taiwan’s waters, inflation skyrocketed and central banks began hiking interest rates. While investments in renewable energy infrastructure reached new highs, economies that had been moving away from fossil fuels […]

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  • October 6, 2022 September 30, 2022
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Managing risk in an era defined by escalating geopolitical tension, degenerating global trade networks and unprecedented economic turmoil is no simple task — and doing so well may require adopting a new perspective. “We aren’t thinking about risk in a way that’s appropriate for the world that we’re moving into,” said Janice Gross Stein, founding […]

Alongside a potential recession and lower global economic growth looming in 2023, defined benefit pension plan sponsors have several tools to minimize the impact of rising inflation, said Eric Menzer, senior portfolio manager and global head of outsourced chief investment officer and fiduciary solutions and multi-asset solutions at Manulife Investment Management, during a session at […]

Fixed income investing isn’t known for its excitement, but in the volatile markets of the post-coronavirus pandemic period, bond specialists may be in for a wild ride. “There’s more yield in the marketplace, so bonds are becoming a better competitor to stocks. . . . You should be asking yourself, how do I get more […]

Renewable energy assets can offer a lot to institutional investors’ portfolios, serving to lower risk opportunities over the long term compared to traditional energy assets while providing similar returns, said Saad Qais, head of U.S. asset management at Greencoat Capital, during a session at the Canadian Investment Review’s 2022 Risk Management Conference. This is true […]

The climate crisis puts the security of workers’ retirements at stake, said Patrick DeRochie, senior manager at Shift Action for Pension Wealth and Planet Health, during a session at the Canadian Investment Review‘s 2022 Risk Management Conference. Pension plan sponsors’ investment decisions and their ability to achieve adequate returns for their members depends on a […]

As institutional investors increasingly turn to private markets in their investment strategies, a holistic approach is required to understand the opportunity set and optimize exposure, said Darren Spencer, director and client portfolio manager of alternative investments at Russell Investments, during a session at the Canadian Investment Review‘s 2022 Risk Management Conference. Over the last 20 […]

While publicly traded real estate investment trusts have been impacted by rising interest rates, the extent of the impact varies from market to market, said Corrado Russo, managing partner and head of global securities at Hazelview Investments, during a session at the Canadian Investment Review‘s 2022 Risk Management Conference. “It’s not shocking to see those [markets] that […]

With market volatility increasing amid the convergence of multiple global events, institutional investors can turn to multi-asset credit to provide attractive levels of income and diversification as well as reposition their existing asset mix or risk budget, said Blair Reid, partner and senior portfolio manager for multi-asset at BlueBay Asset Management, part of RBC Global […]

The use of a four-state probability model can more accurately predict stock market phases and improve investment and risk management decisions, said Tom McCurdy, professor of finance and Bonham chair in international finance at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, during the Canadian Investment Review’s 2022 Risk Management Conference. The proposed model incorporates […]