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At the Alberta Investment Management Corp., diversity, equity and inclusion has catapulted up the priority list when it comes to investment strategy. While DEI has long played a role in the decisions of the AIMCo and other institutional investors, says Alison Schneider, the organization’s vice-president of responsible investing, she credits the coronavirus pandemic for catalyzing […]

Pension plan sponsors can’t ignore the financial risks of climate change or respond to them with half-baked approaches that allow companies to continue pumping out pollution. To be credible, comprehensive and complete, strategies protecting Canadians’ retirement savings from the unprecedented risks of the climate crisis must include several key elements. A Paris-aligned commitment The Paris Agreement […]

Several of Canada’s largest pension funds have backed a proposal requesting that Amazon.com Inc. review how its actions against ongoing union organizing efforts align with its stated commitment to freedom of association and collective bargaining. The proposal by the Shareholder Association for Research and Education and the Catherine Donnelly Foundation was supported by the Alberta […]

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  • May 31, 2022 May 31, 2022
  • 12:30

The Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System is entering a partnership to acquire a Dutch energy firm. The Algemene Pensioen Groep, a Dutch pension plan, and the infrastructure arm of the OMERS have reached an agreement to jointly acquire Groendus Group from NPM Capital Partners. Based in the Netherlands, Groendus is an energy transition platform created in […]

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  • May 19, 2022 May 19, 2022
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The Alberta Investment Management Corp. is appointing Krista Pell as its chief human resources officer. In the new role, Pell will lead the AIMCo’s HR functions, which will involve advancing its global recruitment strategy to attract and retain top talent, according to a press release. She’s also responsible for supporting the institutional investor’s diversity, equity […]

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  • May 19, 2022 May 18, 2022
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While politics plays a role in most investment decisions, it tends to arise on a fairly localized basis, says Michael Craig, head of the asset allocation and derivatives teams at TD Asset Management Inc. In addition, its prominence as a factor usually rises and falls on a cycle, slipping easily off investors’ radar in times […]

The Alberta Investment Management Corp. is appointing Jason Chang as senior managing director of fixed income. In the new role, Chang will oversee $35 billion in fixed income assets, split between domestic and foreign portfolios, and will lead the team that manages a diversified selection of strategies. In addition, one of his duties will be […]

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  • April 28, 2022 April 27, 2022
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Alberta government facing backlash after changing terms of public-sector pensions

The Alberta Investment Management Corp. secured a return of 14.7 per cent in 2021, according to its annual report. During the year, the AIMCo’s assets under management reached $168.3 billion, up from $146.6 billion in 2020. Following the record-breaking performance, its annualized total fund return rose to 7.4 per cent on a four-year basis and 8.6 per […]

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  • April 21, 2022 April 21, 2022
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Since the Alberta Investment Management Corp. introduced an employee networking platform in the fall of 2020, nearly 500 connections have been made, more than 95 per cent of participants feel more connected to the organization’s people and culture and 88 per cent consider the platform to be a valuable addition to their professional network. The […]

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  • April 5, 2022 April 4, 2022
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The Alberta Investment Management Corp. is appointing Suzanne Akers as its chief risk and chief compliance officer. In the dual role, Akers will assume responsibility for leading the AIMCo’s investment risk management and analytics functions, ensuring the pursuit of each client’s investment objectives is aligned to its risk appetite, according to a press release. She’ll […]

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  • March 24, 2022 March 24, 2022
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