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A refresher on Canada’s leave policies as coronavirus escalates

With coronavirus fears escalating, employers are adjusting their leave policies while labour groups are urging governments to reconsider paid leave provisions. This week, Walmart Inc. introduced an emergency leave policy for its U.S. employees. The retailer said hourly staff who work in a store, club, office or distribution centre will receive up to two weeks […]

British Columbia is tabling legislation that would grant up to five days of paid leave for workers affected by domestic or sexual violence. The leave would also apply to parents of a child or dependant who has been impacted by that type of violence. The legislation would amend the provincial Employment Standards Act, which last […]

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  • March 4, 2020 November 23, 2020
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When Fidelity Canada’s employees are facing challenges around their work-life balance, the company offers support through a number of absence management programs. The financial services company provides five weeks of vacation, one paid personal day and two paid volunteer days, as well as a sabbatical program that’s available to employees who’ve been with the company […]

Shopify launches re-training program for developers who took extended leaves of absence

Shopify Inc. is putting out the welcome mat for software developers who’ve taken leave from work with its new training program. The three-month paid program will help senior developers re-join the workforce after leaves of absence by bringing them up to speed on any technical developments in their field and training them on the Shopify […]

How will Canada Labour Code changes affect employers?

On Sept. 1, federally regulated employers will see the impact of several changes to the Canada Labour Code, including the new right for employees to request flexible working arrangements, as well as new leaves and other measures supporting workplace flexibility. “The changes to the code . . . will support employees in achieving better work-life […]

How will 2018’s employment law changes play out for employers in 2019?

In 2018, several significant employment and labour law changes were rolled out across Canada, especially in Ontario, which saw a change of government in June. “These changes will no doubt have an important impact on your workplace,” said Chelsea Rasmussen, an employment and labour law associate at Dentons LLP, speaking during a webinar hosted by the law firm last […]

Dealing with stigma of returning to work after mental-health leave

Depression is pervasive and creates problems within individual relationships, but also within workplace relationships. Looking at how to have more affective conversations about depression is important to ensure people have better access to the skill-based care they need at work. But how can employers create an environment where people get help before they need to take […]

Northwest Territories considering legislated domestic violence leave

The Northwest Territories is considering adding domestic violence leave legislation to its Employment Standards Act. “We have not yet determined what a potential domestic violence leave provision might include,” says Cherish Winsor, senior communications advisor at the government of the Northwest Territories. “The federal government’s plans to introduce changes to leave provisions under the Canada Labour Code […]

Will the return of Ontario’s sick note add complexities for employers?

As part of the Ontario government’s new bill amending the Employment Standards Act, it’s bringing back the option for employers to request a medical note from employees taking sick leave, family responsibility leave or bereavement leave. As legislation currently stands, employers may require evidence classified as “reasonable in the circumstances” to prove an employee is eligible to […]

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  • October 31, 2018 September 13, 2019
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Ontario government unveils new labour standards bill

The Ontario government introduced a new act on Tuesday that, if passed, would repeal or change much of the employment laws established by the previous government in Bill 148. The provincial government intends to scrap the plan to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, maintaining it at $14 until 2020 and then tying future increases to inflation. […]

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  • October 23, 2018 September 13, 2019
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