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There’s a crisis in financial research because of statistical shortfalls, says Marcos López de Prado, a professor of practice at Cornell University’s school of engineering and chief investment officer of True Positive Technologies. “When a journal receives a paper, they don’t know how many experiments the researcher has conducted and, as a result, they cannot […]

What if institutional investors could turn their portfolio companies’ quarterly earnings calls into actionable data by analyzing their sentiment over time? The Alberta Investment Management Corp. is attempting to do just that, in partnership with Edmonton-based machine learning company AltaML Inc. Using a form of artificial intelligence called natural language processing, AltaML is analyzing the […]

Traditionally, all finance students had to learn statistics, and, in the future, this will likely shift into finance students requiring machine learning, said John Hull, professor of finance and Maple Financial Group Chair in derivatives and risk management at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. “It’s not that our students are actually going […]


Fintech includes four areas, all of which are changing the financial industry in different ways. These include peer-to-peer financing, robo-advising or systematic asset management, decentralized finance and machine learning and artificial intelligence, said Campbell Harvey, professor of finance at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, during a panel at the Northern Finance Association’s conference in […]

When women thrive, organizations thrive, even in a disrupted economy

Whose jobs are put most at risk by artificial intelligence and automation? Common wisdom says it’s men, particularly blue collar men whose jobs are primarily manual labour, such as factory workers put at risk by robotics or truck drivers put at risk by the advance of driverless cars. However, the truth is more complicated. Many […]

Opportunities and risks in using machine learning in benefits management

Given the volume and depth of data available in benefits plans, as well as the complexity of problems to be solved, machine learning and broader artificial intelligence are unquestionably the future of plan and member health management. That said, there are some important challenges for plan sponsors to consider as they look at these new […]

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While the role of data in equities management is important, human expertise is still key, according to speakers at the CFA Society Toronto’s 2019 equities symposium on Jan. 22. “If you want to beat the market as an active manager you have to believe you know something that the market hasn’t incorporated into prices,” said […]


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