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Interest in hybrid active/passive TDF strategies on the rise: report

Fee compression is putting pressure on providers that are seeking to be more innovative in launching new target-date funds, prompting managers to consider more customization, according to new research by Cerulli Associates. The fee compression challenge is bolstering certain trends among target-date managers, including blending passive and active strategies, as well as the push towards […]

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  • September 23, 2019 November 30, 2020
  • 13:30

In the age old question of whether passive or active investing is the best course, a new paper from Mercer proposed a simple answer: it depends. Specifically, it depends on what an investors’ goals and priorities actually are, the paper said. The popularity of passive strategies can, in part, be attributed to their continued success. […]

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  • July 22, 2019 January 9, 2021
  • 09:11
Active management paying off at CPPIB, not as much at PSP

While taking an active approach to investment management is paying off for the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, the Public Sector Pension Investment Board’s actively managed returns are similar to what they would be if it had taken a passive approach, according to a new report by the parliamentary budget officer. The PBO prepared the […]


Global institutional investors are considering different portfolio constructions to ensure outperformance in what they increasingly worry is a lower return environment, according to a new survey by Fidelity Investments.  The survey, which polled 905 institutional investors in 25 countries with combined assets under management of US$29 trillion, found investors with at least $1 billion in AUM expected to make the largest […]

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  • March 20, 2019 January 12, 2021
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No risk, no reward. Like many things in life, investing inertia and fear are common, but they come with a cost. In the investment world, risk has a specific meaning: the probability of losses relative to the expected return on an investment. The key in this definition are the words ‘expected return.’ When it comes […]

  • February 6, 2019 January 12, 2021
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The number of indexes at an investor’s fingertips grew by 12 per cent (or 438,000) in 2018, rising to 3.72 million distinct indexes globally as of June 30, 2018, according to a new report by the Index Industry Association. The association, which began tracking the world’s indexes in 2017, found fixed income was a popular theme during the […]

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  • November 20, 2018 January 13, 2021
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Active and Passive: The Best Mix

The role of style factors in fundamental active management

Smart Beta: A Canadian Perspective

One plan sponsor's take on the active side of smart beta.

  • By: Graeme Hay
  • February 25, 2015 September 13, 2019
  • 13:42
Reflections on Active vs. Passive Management

Online Debates: A Year in Review Part II

Efficient market hypothesis and modern portfolio theory.