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Defined contribution plan members saw a bounce-back in equity markets in the second quarter of 2020, boosting their gross income replacement ratios from the lows of the first quarter, according to Eckler Ltd.’s latest capital accumulation plan income tracker report. A typical male DC plan member retiring at age 65 at the end of June […]

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  • August 5, 2020 December 6, 2020
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OCIO models more attractive in rough market conditions: report

The current market environment has the potential for long-term effects on the defined benefit pension investment industry, according to a new report by Cerulli Associates. Broadly, investment consultants said they’ve been preparing their DB pension plan sponsor clients for a potential downturn for up to two years, noted the report. And, as plans have begun […]

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  • August 4, 2020 November 12, 2020
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Blessing in disguise? DC pension plan sponsors not changing much in response to coronavirus

While it’s likely a small mercy that defined contribution plan members, by and large, didn’t have knee-jerk reactions to recent market turbulence, plan sponsors have been rather quiet as well. Much of this is related to the reality that the people who typically deal with small to mid-size DC plans at their organization are busy with other […]


Target-date funds lead to defined contribution plan members taking more risk and becoming more diversified than they would be if left to their own devices. But despite these benefits, TDFs fail to provide what members really want and need — a reliable income replacement for life managed by somebody else. My colleague Ioulia Tretiakova and […]

Most U.S. DC plans aren’t pausing or reducing contributions during coronavirus: survey

The majority of U.S.-based defined contribution pension plan sponsors said they haven’t felt the need to pause or reduce contributions during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new survey by the Defined Contribution Institutional Investment Association. While 86 per cent of respondents said they aren’t considering suspending matching employer contributions, just eight per cent said they already have. […]

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  • July 2, 2020 November 26, 2020
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While the Canadian retirement industry has spent a lot of time focusing on the accumulation stage, the decumulation conversation is much further behind. For defined contribution pension plans, almost all jurisdictions across the country have now passed variable benefits legislation, including Ontario, which began allowing the option on Jan. 1, 2020. However, despite receiving legal […]

In this time of pandemic, a lot has been shared about the woes of defined benefit pension plans, but members of capital accumulation plans are also feeling the impact, even though few have even noticed. Fortunately, target-date funds and lifecycle portfolios have really helped. But the government and provincial regulators need to help as well. Once […]

During an educational two days in Montreal, the 2020 DC Plan Summit, on Feb. 5-7, featured a range of sessions diving into today’s top issues for plan sponsors, including financial education and wellness, post-retirement solutions, sustainability, plan design and technology. Is your pension communication message getting through? A look at the different paths to ESG […]

What do target-date funds have in common with automobiles?

At Benefits Canada‘s 2020 DC Plan Summit in Montreal in February, in a session highlighting innovations in target-date funds, Gary Chateram, former vice-president of institutional sales at Fidelity Investments, drew parallels to the progress in the automobile industry. When the original concept for target-date funds was filed in 1995, it wasn’t widely accepted, he said, noting […]

Wrap-up: DC plan sponsor challenges and opportunities

Wrapping up the 2020 DC Plan Summit with his customary flair, Zaheed Jiwani, principal and leader of the DC consulting group at Eckler Ltd., highlighted the pervasive themes through a selection of songs. With Joe Cocker’s “With a Little Help from My Friends,” he noted how the plan sponsor case studies shared real-life examples of […]