Since Aug. 26 is National Dog Day, Talk Shop Media thought it would be the perfect time to roll out its new ‘pawrental leave’ policy.

The benefit allows employees to take time off around the adoption of a new pet to focus on ownership duties, bond with their new “fur babies” and get them settled.

Talk Shop Media has always been supportive of working parents, says Natalie Martin, the company’s vice-president and head of people, but it wants to acknowledge families come in many different forms, including those with four legs.

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“While we continue to celebrate working families, we want to formally recognize that not all families take the same shape. A family can consist of a fur baby and their No. 1 human. As our [employees] open their homes to accommodate a four-legged friend, we believe it’s cause for celebration and workplace support.”

Employees who have been working at Talk Shop Media for at least one year will be eligible for three consecutive days of paid ‘pawrental’ leave per calendar year. An additional two consecutive days of unpaid ‘pawrental’ leave may be provided immediately after at the discretion of supervisors.

New pet parents will be asked to provide a minimum of one month notice with specific details related to the duration of their leave. At this time, the policy is only applicable to the adoption of dogs and cats and isn’t applicable to those fostering animals.

Martin believes a clear, formalized policy outlining how to support employees through milestones like this is necessary, as it ensures all employees have access to the same benefits and feel supported across the board.

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