Communication, learning key factors in driving employee experience: report

Twenty-one per cent more Canadian employees cited collaboration and communication as key factors in their employee experience than their global counterparts, according to a new human capital trends report by Deloitte.

Further, 17 per cent more survey respondents in Canada said a positive work environment and trust in leadership are integral points in defining employee experience compared with global data.

“In line with the social enterprise and importance of meaning at work, Canadian organizations need to expand this concept of employee experience to address the human experience at work — aligning with workers’ aspirations to connect work to both the impact on the organization and society at large,” said Jodi Baker Calamai, a human capital partner at Deloitte Canada, in a press release.

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The report surveyed 10,000 respondents in 119 countries, including 250 Canadian business and human resources leaders. According to its results, the future of organizations is experience-focused, team-oriented and personalized.

Canadian respondents said they need organizations to reinvent how they facilitate employee learning; 66 per cent of respondents rated the ability of their learning function to meet the needs of the evolving workforce as fair or inadequate, 16 per cent higher than the global response.

“When you combine the exponential pace of change with the 100-year life and the 50- to 60-year career, our research highlights a clear gap in how prepared Canadian organizations are to equip their employees with the constant learning opportunities needed to adapt,” said Baker Calamai. “We need to rethink the concept of learning and create experiences that cultivate growth multiple times throughout the day.”

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