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April 14, 2022  | Virtual event

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April 14, 2022

11:00 – 11:15 AM

The rise of virtual pharmacy: The newest evolution of digital healthcare

Virtual forms of healthcare are on track to become the standard in Canada in the coming years. As we observe people across the country embrace virtual physician visits and other digital health services, we can expect to see more areas of the healthcare continuum shift to these new formats. One area, which holds great potential to improve the healthcare experience for those in Canada, is the adoption of virtual pharmacies. Join this session for an insightful conversation around how employers can use virtual pharmacy to attract and retain top talent and support a healthy, productive workforce while reducing benefits costs, absenteeism and disability claims.

SpeakerJason Kennedy, general manager, virtual pharmacy, TELUS Health

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11:15 – 11:30 AM

FlexPlus® ENTERPRISE: The smart benefits solution for small and medium enterprises

Small and medium enterprises want to offer their employees the same digital benefits enrollment experience as large-scale companies. This session will highlight SEB’s new FlexPlus ENTERPRISE solution, a powerful and modern benefits administration and billing platform for small and medium enterprises. For brokers and third-party administrators, this solution will effectively streamline and automate their business processes, while enabling more visibility and control over their client’s data and member experience and unlock new revenue stream opportunities. Join this session to learn how plan sponsors can now introduce flexible plan designs and offer employees a digital benefits enrollment experience to attract and retain talent.

SpeakerBlair McTrach, director, service creation, SEB Administrative Services Inc.

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11:30 – 11:45 AM

Upping the ante in diabetes technology: MiniMed™ automated insulin delivery

Curious about insulin delivery automation and type 1 diabetes? This session will explore the most advanced MiniMed™ insulin pump system to date, including fundamental capability, real world data as well as patient impact from a glycemic and quality of life perspective. The discussion will also include a snapshot of Medtronic future design goals.

SpeakerCatherine Gilbert, product manager, endocrinology, Medtronic Canada

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11:45 AM – 12:00 PM

EHN’s intensive outpatient programs for substance use, workplace trauma and mood and anxiety disorders

In response to a growing emergence of complex mental-health needs in Canada, Edgewood Health Network (EHN) Online has leveraged its experience in virtual mental-health care to develop intensive outpatient programs (IOPs). Join this session to learn how EHN’s IOPs offer intensive, evidence-based treatment virtually and optimize client outcomes. This session will feature a demonstration which will provide an in-depth look at EHN IOPs and the technology and operational systems that support the provision of intensive care to complex clients in a virtual setting.

SpeakerRochelle Hildebrand, national director of operations, outpatient services, EHN Canada

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12:00 – 12:15 PM


12:15 – 12:30 PM

Today’s chronically ill and caregiving employees: Understanding and supporting your workforce

While the impact of managing a chronic illness or a disability is not easy to see first-hand, it’s important to understand the effect it has on employees. It manifests in many ways as they try to balance the administrative burden of their health journey. This session will explore the complex needs that these employees experience daily and will demonstrate how the Chronically Simple app and web solution can help by providing essential support to invest in talent attraction and retention and offer employees what they need to remain happy, healthy and engaged.

SpeakerKristy Dickinson, founder and chief executive officer, Chronically Simple

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12:30 – 12:45 PM

Changing the landscape in medication management

By combining digital health technology with clinical pharmacy services, employers can take an innovative approach to medication management to avoid unnecessary cases of illnesses, absenteeism and disability tied to medications. With this new approach, 40% of participants benefit from a modified drug regimen for real and sustainable health benefits. Join this session to learn how employees can have greater control over their health, how employers can avoid unnecessary costs and how administrators can enhance value.

SpeakerFrederic Simard, co-founder, chief of product and strategy, MedHelper

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12:45 – 1:00 PM

An innovative digital benefits experience to make your life easier

Simply Benefits understands first-hand the long, paper-based insurance processes that are administrative-heavy, time consuming and confusing. Join this session to learn how it has transformed the entire benefits experience and eliminated these problems for employers, advisors and employees. Simply Benefits offers solutions that engage employees anytime, anywhere, simplify the benefits experience and evolve a benefits advisor’s business, with the overall mission to simplify Canadian health insurance through innovative technology for a better experience.

SpeakerJeff Cox, chief executive officer and founder, Simply Benefits

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1:00 – 1:15 PM

How competitive are your benefits? CloudAdvisors’ innovative approach to evaluation, monitoring and advice

CloudAdvisors’ disruptive marketplace technology empowers business owners to enhance their benefits through data-driven decisions. Learn how you can leverage CloudAdvisors’ revolutionary Bar Score technology, on-platform CALEB AI insights and Employee Benefits Marketplace filled with more than 500 leading products to cut costs, boost recruitment and retain your best people.

This session is for employers, benefit providers and group advisors seeking a competitive advantage. This conversation will shift your thinking around what you experience today in the benefits market. You will understand what you deserve from innovative technologies designed to democratize access to critical benefit information. Learn about the evolution of technology, the future of the industry and how you can support your people with CloudAdvisors.

SpeakerMatt Lister, co-founder and chief executive officer, CloudAdvisors

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