Conference Coverage: 2022 Tech Insights

On April 14, Benefits Canada hosted the third annual Tech Insights conference. The event, designed for presenters to showcase their technology innovation, is an open platform to show off technology designed for benefits plan sponsors and/or their members.

This year’s event explored topics including virtual pharmacy, benefits administration platforms, diabetes management, virtual mental-health care, chronic illness management, digital health solutions and more.

Here’s what you missed:

Jason Kennedy
TELUS Health
How virtual pharmacy can improve plan members’ medication adherence, management

The coronavirus pandemic has marked a sea change in how Canadians receive health care. While just four per cent of primary care visits were conducted virtually pre-pandemic, that rose to roughly 60 per cent after the onset of the global health crisis.

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Blair McTrach
SEB Administrative Services Inc.
Using up-to-date benefits technology to help employers with attraction, retention

Canadian employers are turning their focus to updating their benefits plans and ensuring a strong employee experience in an effort to address the challenges employees are facing in the coronavirus pandemic and to attract key talent in a tight labour market.

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Richard Jonkers
A look at how new technology can help employees with type 1 diabetes

Living with Type 1 diabetes is like having a full-time job on top of managing a day job and life commitments — one that involves making constant risk assessments and difficult decisions throughout the day.

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Rochelle Hildebrand
EHN Canada
How can employers support employees with moderate mental-health symptoms?

Benefits plans tend to support employees dealing with either mild or severe mental-health symptoms, but an entire middle category of plan members lack a treatment option geared toward their moderate symptoms.

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Kristy Dickinson
Chronically Simple
Helping employees manage burden of living with chronic illness, disability

“The goal of Chronically Simple is to ease the administrative burden that accompanies living with a chronic illness or disability so that the user can focus their time and energy on other things.”

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Frederic Simard
Optimizing plan member outcomes with proactive medication assessments

By combining digital health technology with clinical pharmacy services, employers can take an innovative approach to medication management to avoid unnecessary cases of illnesses, absenteeism and disability tied to medications.

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Jeff Cox
Simply Benefits
How digital administration can improve benefits plan access for employees

Jeff Cox, chief executive officer and founder of third-party payer Simply Benefits, created a completely digital employee benefits portal for plan sponsors, members and benefits advisors to address those pain points.

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Matt Lister
Using technology to build a competitive benefits plan

Using technology to compare offerings across insurance companies and other providers can ensure employers have a cost-competitive plan that speaks to employees’ needs, said Matt Lister, co-founder and chief executive officer at CloudAdvisors, during Benefits Canada’s 2022 Tech Insights conference in mid-April.

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