Rochelle Hildebrand, national director of operations, outpatient services, EHN Canada

Rochelle Hildebrand is the national director of operations for EHN outpatient services. She holds undergraduate degrees from Carleton University and a masters degree from the University of Arts London. As the director of operations, she manages all day to day operations of six outpatient clinics in addition to providing leadership and strategic planning for all areas of EHN outpatient services. Hildebrand has been leading the move to virtual care at EHN since 2015 with the creation of the Wagon app. Since then, Wagon has expanded in EHN Online, providing efficient and effective digital care for substance use, mood and anxiety, trauma and more to over 2000 clients in less than two years. Hildebrand is most proud of the seamless transition of five in-person clinics to online care without any disruption in programming at the outset of COVID-19.


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