Behaviour analytics can be used to detect employee burnout: survey

Behavioural analytics can be used to detect when employees are suffering from symptoms of burnout, according to a new survey by Gurucul, a global security and fraud analytics technology provider.

“By employing behavioural analytics, companies are able to detect when employees’ behaviours breach individual ‘norms’ and can identify when people might be acting in a way that suggests they’re overworked,” said Saryu Nayyar, the company’s chief executive officer, in a press release.

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The survey found 62 per cent of people wouldn’t be deterred from taking a job knowing an employer actively monitored its employees. This finding is contrary to the common view that employee monitoring is a deterrent and has to be performed surreptitiously in order to not affect employee well-being, noted the release.

Workplace monitoring is less about snooping on people’s internet browsing history and more about detecting potential threats to an organization, it said.

“The insider threat is a serious problem for organizations simply because it comes from within the business,” said Nayyar. “Insiders know where sensitive company data is, who has access to it and, therefore, know exactly where to strike if they decide to take action. The fact that so many are not put off by the prospect of being monitored is great news.”

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