Despite rise in digital tools, most Canadians prefer personalized hiring process: survey

Nearly two-thirds (64 per cent) of Canadians prefer a personalized touch in the hiring process, such as face-to-face interactions, according to a new survey by Ranstad Canada.

The survey found a similar percentage (63 per cent) of respondents said the abundance of digital options has made it more difficult to find jobs and 62 per cent said they find it challenging to stand out from other applicants online and on social media. Another 41 per cent said they feel lost with the number of job search tools and methods available.

Despite those figures, almost half of respondents said they had done research and applied for new positions through their mobile devices, according to the survey.

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“Technology has drastically changed how companies and job seekers connect, and it can be overwhelming for both employers and prospective hires,” said Marc-Étienne Julien, chief executive officer of Randstad Canada, in a news release. “With technology comes convenience, but hiring is still a human-centric endeavour and companies must be cautious not to lose sight of this.

“Technology and a human-forward approach do not need to be mutually exclusive, but can complement each other with the right balance of efficiency through technology and the warmth of face-to-face interaction.”

The survey also asked employees what they expect to see in workplaces in the next five years. Eighty-eight per cent said they anticipate less in-person communication and more digital interaction, followed by a further blurring of the line between home and work offices (85 per cent) and a rise in open work spaces to aid collaboration (84 per cent).

In addition, 83 per cent of respondents said they anticipate fewer permanent full-time employees and more part-time contract workers.

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