League launches new digital benefits platform

League Inc. is launching a new digital benefits platform in an effort to give plan members one place to access their health, lifestyle and benefits programs.

The platform, called HBX, is aiming to reduce the number of systems employers need to use to manage their various employee programs. Integrating with more than 100 insurance carriers, health-care providers and human resources management systems, it will show plan members “relevant programming and recommendations,” according to a press release.

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“On average, HR departments are managing up to 11 different systems. At League, we empathize with the challenges of HR leaders trying to build programs and benefits that improve the lives of their employees while managing the costs to the business,” said Mike Serbinis, League’s founder and chief executive officer. “We’re inviting employers to take control and end costly, fragmented point solutions with a new ‘front door’ to health care.”

According to the release, the platform will also allow employers to better benchmark their own health and benefits strategies against their industry peers, improve employees’ understanding of their benefits, give employees more control over their health and well-being programs and create a support system within the platform to encourage better individual health care.

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