League providing benefits platform trial to employers in coronavirus overload

League Inc. is offering a free three-month trial of its Health Benefits Experience platform in a bid to alleviate the health-care and administrative overloads that human resources teams are experiencing during the coronavirus crisis.

“This is an incredibly challenging time in our communities, for individuals, families and businesses,” said Mike Serbinis, founder and chief executive officer of League, in a press release. “HR leaders in particular are facing unprecedented pressure to provide critical information and resources to their organization and ensure their employees are feeling supported during this tumultuous time. The League platform will help address these very real challenges so HR leaders can be the voice of calm in a sea of uncertainty.”

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The platform includes a mobile-first communications channel for employers, health concierge services that provide employees with access to health professionals and to virtual preliminary screening for the coronavirus. It also provides a centralized access point for information on the pandemic and relevant resources.

Further, the platform provides employees with a personalized health profile that gives them data-driven recommendations and nudges regarding healthy behaviour, as well as a digital wallet that holds employee assistance program information and other programs that employers may be providing, such as health-care spending account administration, work-from-home office setup funding and family supports.

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