Facebook parent company Meta Platforms Inc. is asking office-based employees to come in three times a week beginning in September.

The move is part of the company’s broader push to work more efficiently, said an employee familiar with the matter and who asked not to be named, according to a report by Bloomberg. Employees who are working remotely can continue doing so, said the worker.

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A Meta spokesperson quoted in the report said the company is “committed to distributed work” and is “confident people can make a meaningful impact both from the office and at home. We’re also committed to continuously refining our model to foster the collaboration, relationships and culture necessary for employees to do their best work.”

In a March blog post, Meta chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said an internal analysis found “engineers earlier in their career perform better on average when they work in-person with teammates at least three days a week.” He went on to encourage employees to find more chances to work together in person.

Last July, the company said it was reassessing office expansions amid the growth of hybrid work.

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