The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions(OSFI)has appointed Bob Hanna as the assistant superintendent, regulation sector.

He has been acting in the role since last October when he replaced Julie Dickson, who had been appointed acting superintendent at that time. She was appointed superintendent last month.

In this role, he is responsible for capital and accounting issues; actuarial policies and reviews; regulatory approvals and compliance, including anti-money laundering; guidelines, regulations and interpretations; and international assistance and liaison.

Mr. Hanna joined OSFI’s predecessor, the Inspector General of Banks, in 1984 as a research officer and has held a number of positions with increasing responsibilities, primarily in the policy and research areas.

He has served as the co-chair of the Minimum Continuing Capital and Surplus Requirements(MCCSR)Advisory Committee, an industry-supervisory group that is investigating more risk-sensitive capital measures for life insurance companies.

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