After days of bargaining in good faith, Unifor Local 252 says talks between it and Nestlé broke down when the company refused to negotiate a fair plan for pensions.

According to Unifor, 365 workers in Toronto are on strike after negotiations with Nestlé fell apart.

The workers have been in a legal strike position as of midnight Saturday, but members of the bargaining committee continued to negotiate with the employer until late Sunday night.

The union says the company first came to the table with the goal of eliminating the DB plan and then suggested a formula that would allow most workers to keep the current plan but replace it with a DC plan for 25% of current employees and all future employees.

“We’re talking about the biggest food and beverage manufacturer in the world, and they’re saying they can’t afford a secure retirement for their dedicated employees?” asks Paul Shiels, president of Unifor Local 252. “And, on top of that, we’re told to accept a three-year wage freeze.”

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