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How does a rise in passive investing impact corporate governance?

Institutional investors own more than 70 per cent of U.S. public firms and passive funds have seen significant growth, from five per cent of mutual funds in 2000 to more than 30 per cent today, but the jury is still out on what this means for corporate governance. Using a theoretical framework, a new paper […]

What do quantitative investors mean for firm efficiency?

The traditional worry about the rise of passive investment is that it will result in less informed asset pricing in the market overall. A new paper digs into how this rise of passive or quantitative investing impacts the efficiency with which firms are run. Less active management means fewer investors are seeking out mispriced securities […]


The traditional worry about the rise of passive investments is that the trend makes for less informed pricing of assets in the market overall. Less active management means fewer investors are seeking out mispriced securities and bringing them better in line with reality. This can cause negative real-world effects, the most simplistic of which is […]


Passive investing is immensely popular, with assets in passive funds having cleared US$13 trillion, globally. But can active investors take advantage of the new landscape this is creating? Regardless of where an investor stands on the active versus passive debate, this new reality has shifted the overall market environment, revealing certain opportunities, said Ivan Cajic, […]


In the age old question of whether passive or active investing is the best course, a new paper from Mercer proposed a simple answer: it depends. Specifically, it depends on what an investors’ goals and priorities actually are, the paper said. The popularity of passive strategies can, in part, be attributed to their continued success. […]

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While shareholder activism is a hot topic among institutional investors, where hedge funds are concerned, it doesn’t seem to have much impact on investee company profitability, according to a paper by J.B. Heaton, an independent financial economics researcher. Hedge fund activism is a great story, one that investors can wrap their heads around, says Heaton. […]

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