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In considering changes to its retirement savings programs, Rogers Communications Inc. is generally focused on three main internal and external factors: regulatory changes, employee feedback and demographics. “As we see the millennial and gen Z workforce grow quite a bit, we’re really trying to understand what that’s going to do to our plans in terms […]

A new economic report says the next decade in Canada will increasingly be shaped by the twin forces of climate change and demographic disruption from an aging population. “By 2030, Canada’s economy could look significantly different,” says the RBC report released Monday, dubbed Navigating the 2020s. “A country whose economic identity has long been bound […]


Aging population in China puts pressure on retirement system

When Capital Trumps Borders

Amidst rising populism, the realities of labour will keep people moving across borders.

China and Canada Face Similar Pension Challenges: Machin

Head of CPPIB reflects on demographic similarities between the two countries

The Future of Growth

Blogger JJ Woolverton looks at drivers of growth, past and future

The Upside of Longevity

How an aging population can change the world and work for the better.

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