Delta Air Lines Inc. is launching an emergency savings program for U.S. employees.

Once employees sign up for the program, they participate in roughly two to three hours of online financial education and three one-on-one sessions with a financial wellness coach. After they complete the education and coaching component, employees will receive US$750 from Delta to kickstart their emergency savings. The employer will also match up to US$250 of employees’ personal contributions to the same account. All U.S. employees below the director level, including pilots, are eligible for the program.

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Delta’s emergency savings program is one of several enhancements to its benefits program this year, including expanded parental leave and back-up care services for children, adult dependants and pets.

“At Delta, we know that physical, emotional, social and financial health are essential for our people to be at their best,” said Ed Bastian, chief executive officer of Delta, in a press release. “This investment in the financial well-being of our employees is a practical solution to a common challenge. With stronger financial literacy and the peace of mind of a safety net, our team can worry less and focus on the goals that matter most to them.”

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