Many Canadians don’t take allotted vacation time

Striking the balance between work commitments and investing in the time to recharge can be a challenge and result in some Canadians missing out on vacation.

According to a recent survey for TD, 93% of full-time workers consider vacation time important to keeping themselves happy. Additionally, 92% of those working full time believe that vacation is important time for reconnecting with family and friends.

However, 43% of working Canadians say they don’t take their full allotment of vacation days each year.

Reasons for not taking full vacation included being too busy at work (29%), facing unexpected last-minute problems and challenges at work (25%), and feeling there is too much that has to be done before and after a trip to make it worthwhile (21%). Furthermore, two in five say they can’t afford to go on vacation.

“By making smart financial choices, the cost of a vacation doesn’t have to prevent you from taking a break,” says Stephen Menon, associate vice-president, credit cards, at TD.

“With fewer vacations days than many other countries, Canada is one of the most vacation-deprived nations in the world,” says Hellen Buttigieg, life coach and founder of We Organize U. “Going on vacation is not time or money wasted, it’s an investment in our health, our peace of mind, our relationships and, in the long run, our productivity.”

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