Desjardins partners with Obesity Canada to keep Canadians healthy

Desjardins Insurance is joining Obesity Canada’s partnership program, which leverages resources from Canadian organizations to fund obesity research, education and advocacy initiatives.

Marc Bertossini, director of marketing for group and business insurance at Desjardins, said in a press release the partnership is another way the organization can support Canadians and help them improve their health. “Over the years, Desjardins Insurance has developed numerous tools and this partnership will enhance Obesity Canada’s services to the benefit of people who live with obesity.”

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Obesity is a progressive chronic disease, characterized by abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that impairs health. Beyond its effects on overall health and well-being, deeply ingrained weight bias and stigma can increase morbidity and mortality, often translating into significant inequities in employment, health care and education.

“[Desjardins has] demonstrated a commitment to improving employee health through innovative programs developed for plan sponsors and we look forward to learning from and collaborating with Desjardins to ensure obesity care becomes a top priority in the workplace,” said Arya Sharma, scientific director for Obesity Canada.

He also noted the organization is preparing to roll out new clinical practice guidelines later this year.

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