The percentage of employees working exclusively from home is decreasing slightly — from 19 per cent in May to 18 per cent in June — amid the lifting of coronavirus pandemic restrictions, according to a new survey by Statistics Canada.

Among these employees, it found a fifth (18 per cent) said they report to an office or job site located in a region to which they couldn’t commute on a daily basis, while 10 per cent said they report to a job site in a different town or region within their province.

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Just five per cent said they report to a worksite located in a different province and fewer than three per cent reported to an office or worksite located in a different country. The survey also found the prevalence of hybrid work increased slightly to 6.7 per cent.

“In a context where job vacancies remain high, some businesses may continue to explore options to widen their recruitment pool and increase retention by allowing their employees to work from a different province or region,” said Statistics Canada, in a press release.

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