Sun Life launching new app

Sun Life Financial plans to offer a free mobile application for group benefits and group retirement and savings plan members.

Submitting benefit claims and saving for the future will be easier with a single mobile app that will redefine the Canadian plan member experience.
“Sun Life Financial was the first Canadian provider to introduce e-claims with instant adjudication 10 years ago,” says Stuart Monteith, senior vice-president, group benefits, with Sun Life Financial Canada. “With the launch of this mobile application we’re continuing our focus on innovation and making it easy for members to submit and receive payment for their claims.”

The app, due out later this summer, will allow plan members to submit medical and dental claims from their smartphones for instant processing and could have their money deposited into their bank accounts within 24 to 48 hours.

Plan members will also be able to view the details of their submitted claims, even those submitted in paper through the mail, and have easy access to important benefit tools including their drug and travel protection cards.

“Plan members have told us they’re looking for a faster, easier experience,” says Tom Reid, senior vice-president, group retirement services, with Sun Life. “We’re taking convenience to a whole new level for group retirement and savings plans.”

Along with the group benefits capabilities, group retirement and savings plan members can check their plan balances and recent contributions right from their phones.

Group plan members with an iPhone or BlackBerry will be able to download the free app directly from each manufacturer’s application marketplace. Users of other smartphones will have access to mobile web functionality shortly after the launch of the app.