The TMX Group Ltd.’s double award win at Benefits Canada’s 2020 Workplace Benefits Awards is shining a spotlight on the organization’s efforts to support its employees’ physical, mental and financial health and well-being.

Last year, the financial services company took home the inaugural Coronavirus and Benefits award for an employer with fewer than 5,000 employees for its virtual wellness program, which it rolled out in the first 10 weeks of the coronavirus pandemic.

Since then, Karin Adams, TMX’s vice-president of talent and total rewards, says the company has continued to innovate and run monthly wellness themes, bringing in outside experts and advisors to support staff on various wellness topics.

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The organization also runs a pulse survey with employees to gather feedback. Since the beginning of the pandemic, TMX has seen a 25 per cent increase in staff reporting they feel their employer supports their health and well-being, says Adams. “We’re super proud of that growth, that it’s been recognized and staff are actually feeling the benefits of the programming.”

TMX also scored a win in the Benefits Plan Communications category. The company has since seen an uptick in the adoption of its employee share purchase plan, and it’s been extending the program to new regions as it acquires other businesses. In North America, the organization’s been able to maintain its employee participation level at 88 per cent following its campaign, but it also saw a 56 per cent increase in staff contributions globally and 120 new participants.

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Both wins have been really good news stories for staff, in terms of the investment TMX has made in employees’ overall health and well-being during a very challenging time, says Adams. “The proof is in the pudding in terms of the engagement and feedback we’re receiving from employees. So that’s all we can ask for as [human resources] professionals — that the programs we’re putting out there are being impactful.

“One of the biggest benefits of these awards is, as industry leaders, we all learn from each other,” she adds. “Even if it’s something as simple as a great vendor that was brought in or an impactful program we ran, I’ve been sending lots of referrals for other vendors and programs that we’ve run that other organizations and peers have picked up and implemented.”

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