CAP Member Survey receives award

Benefits Canada, Avantages and Rogers Connect Market Research group are proud to announce that the 2012 CAP Member Survey, Improving Adequacy: A Secure Retirement for All, was recently awarded the 2012 Public Policy Impact Award from the Market Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA).

“I couldn’t be more proud of my team and the quality of the work we do to receive this kind of recognition,” says Tricia Benn, senior director, Rogers Connect Market Research, who received the award on behalf of her team at the annual MRIA National Gala.

The MRIA Public Policy Impact Award is awarded for a research project in the broader public sector that has had a demonstrable public policy impact.

Each year, the CAP Member Survey is heavily cited and referenced at major industry events and association conferences and is used in presentations by the consulting industry to plan sponsors and the financial advisor and broker communities. Recently, past study results were also presented at a government policy-makers conference.

The 2013 CAP Member Survey is currently in development.

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