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A vast majority (93 per cent) of U.S. employees say they’re feeling stressed, with many citing finances as one source (84 per cent) or the main source (50 per cent) of stress, according to a new survey by Lincoln Financial Group. The survey, which polled more than 2,600 employees, found among workers who reported feeling […]

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  • May 31, 2023 May 30, 2023
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American Express Canada is supporting employee well-being with onsite counselling and enhanced mental-health resources. Employees can register for free in-office counselling sessions with a registered psychotherapist or virtual sessions with licensed counsellors. The company also upgraded its digital mental-health resources, including access to meditation and breathing exercises via a wellness app. Annette Kingsley, Amex Canada’s […]


While the majority (84 per cent) of U.S. workers say they’re at least somewhat happy at work, nearly two-thirds (60 per cent) report some level of burnout, according to a new survey by the Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. The survey, which polled more than 1,100 employees and more than 500 employers, found the vast […]

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  • May 19, 2023 May 19, 2023
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Community Savings Credit Union is reducing stigma around mental health in the workplace and the community through increased wellness support and advocacy work. The British Columbia-based credit union recently increased coverage for mental-health counselling to $2,000 per employee per year and renamed sick days to ‘health days’ to help employees feel more supported. “We wanted […]


While nearly three-quarters (71 per cent) of global employees say they want a hybrid or remote working arrangement, just 43 per cent say they’re able to work in the location of their choice, according to a new survey by software company Ivanti. The survey, which polled more than 8,400 employees, found workers would be willing […]

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  • May 15, 2023 May 15, 2023
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Vancouver-based technology company FORM is using swimming to foster employee well-being and improve physical and mental health. The company hosts a team swim day on Tuesdays and a social swim on Fridays, which is more organic and provides employees with more time to connect, says Dan Eisenhardt, the organization’s founder and chief executive officer. “It seemed […]

Once rooted in mental-health support, employee assistance programs have evolved exponentially in recent years to meet the changing needs of employees. During the coronavirus pandemic, the use of virtual care exploded as most people were forced to stay at home, so EAPs had to adapt quickly to provide virtual support to many struggling Canadians. “By […]

Many employers are welcoming retirees back to their workforces to counter what some are calling the ‘Great Labour Shift.’ As the coronavirus pandemic shifts the labour market in favour of workers, employees across the globe are taking the opportunity to rethink where and how they work. In 2022, more than 50 million U.S. workers quit […]

The Alberta Investment Management Corp.’s chief human resources officer discusses the evolving employee life cycle, autonomous working and competitive weightlifting. Q: What top challenges do you face in your role?   A: The talent environment is complex right now. There’s an increase in retirements and workers are more transient than before. To ensure we’re rebuilding for […]

Financial stress is impacting Canadians’ mental and physical health, as well as decisions related to their pension plans, said Matt Davison, Western University’s dean of science and principal researcher, during a session at Benefits Canada‘s 2023 DC Plan Summit. In an analysis of the National Payroll Institute’s annual survey, Western’s financial wellness lab found respondents’ financial perspectives […]