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An arbitration clause that doesn’t explicitly prohibit a terminated employee from making a complaint to the Ministry of Labour doesn’t offend employment standards legislation, the Ontario Superior Court has ruled. “The ruling will give comfort to employers that Ontario courts will enforce arbitration clauses,” says David Vaillancourt of Toronto’s AGM LLP, who represented Dealnet Capital […]

Alberta recently joined a growing list of provinces and territories that are amending legislation to introduce paid time off for workers who wish to get the coronavirus vaccine. The legislation, which took effect on April 21, ensures all employees in Alberta are now eligible for up to three hours of paid time off to get […]

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The federal labour minister says the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need to give employees the ability to avoid work emails and text messages as the lines between home and work lives blur. The idea, known as the right to disconnect, first came up as a proposed addition to the federal labour code almost three years ago. Read: How can employers manage work-from-home burnout? […]

In advance of the federal government’s 2021 budget, released on Monday, the Ontario government struck down a motion by the New Democratic Party seeking to create a provincial paid sick leave program. Advocates have long called on the province to bring in paid sick leave, saying it would help support essential workers during the coronavirus […]

The federal Liberals are facing calls from some of the hardest-hit businesses in the coronavirus pandemic to extend emergency-relief programs beyond June. The government has targeted June 5 for an end to the federal wage and rent subsidies and this week extended applications for a popular loan program to the same time. The idea is […]


An International Monetary Fund report recently released advises the Canadian government to do a broader review of its employment insurance system to address gaps in eligibility after the Canada Emergency Response Benefit ended. “The crisis exposed gaps in Canada’s social safety net that should be addressed,” said the report. “The lessons from the crisis represent an excellent opportunity to review the EI system.” According to the […]

As Saskatchewan’s provincial government rolls out phase two of its vaccine delivery plan, the province is also amending its occupational health and safety regulations to allow employees to receive paid time off from work to get vaccinated for the coronavirus. According to a press release, the amendment to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, 2020 establishes that […]

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Uber Canada’s new proposal for provinces to force the tech giant and other mobile application-based companies to offer gig workers some benefits is facing pushback from advocacy groups and employment lawyers, with some saying the plan will still leave gig workers paid less than minimum wage and without job security. The company unveiled its pitch, […]

The Liberal Party is considering a major spend to build a national childcare system as an economic measure to help more women return to the workforce. The idea has garnered backing from business groups and was recommended by the House of Commons finance committee in its pre-budget report. Employment among women remains about 5.3 per […]


Health-care workers across Ontario are still struggling to obtain personal protective equipment to shield them from the coronavirus, said three major unions, which are also calling on the province to instate a “universal wage” for all personal support workers. Sharon Richer, the secretary-treasurer of the Canadian Union of Public Employees’ Ontario Council of Hospital Unions, […]