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When Phillip Kotanidis took over as chief human resources officer at Toronto’s Michael Garron Hospital in 2018, the financial well-being of staff wasn’t exactly high on his agenda. In such a fast-paced and potentially stressful workplace, money matters naturally took a backseat to the physical and mental health of the hospital’s staff, who are members […]


Before new pay transparency legislation takes effect in Ontario, it’s important for employers to ensure their current compensation structure is in order, says Dominic Girard, a senior consultant in compensation at Arthur J. Gallagher and Co. If passed, the legislation would require employers to include expected salary ranges in job postings so candidates are better poised to make informed […]

UCS Forest Group’s chief human resources and administrative officer discusses the complexities of the post-pandemic workplace, training managers to adapt to the new working environment and ensuring her dogs live their best lives. Q: What top challenges do you face in your role? A: In this post-pandemic world, employees are dealing with a lot of […]

As employers increasingly customize their human resources, benefits and pension communications campaigns, how are these methods connecting with employees? Long gone are the days of chunky tomes of group benefits and pension information. Once the norm, those pages and pages of minutiae have gradually been replaced by more personalized and targeted communications. “Direct communication is […]

Since the ‘Great Resignation’ began last year, new hires in the U.S. believe their onboarding process isn’t adequately covering many of the basics employees need to be successful, including their workplace benefits, according to a new survey by Eagle Hill Consulting. The survey, which polled nearly 800 U.S. employees, found the main areas of concern […]

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  • April 13, 2022 April 13, 2022
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HP Canada finds balance between inclusion, intrusion while onboarding during coronavirus

For many employers, the newly digital office environment necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic can be awkward, especially for recent graduates entering career-track jobs for the firm time. “Personally, I’m saddened by the situation for a number of reasons, but certainly for those students that are graduating and looking for summer internships, . . . hiring […]

Human Resourcefulness: HR lessons from The Office’s Toby Flenderson

The third episode of Benefits Canada‘s new podcast, Human Resourcefulness, looks at the role of the human resources manager through Toby Flenderson of The Office.  Our experts are blunt — the passive and indiscrete Toby isn’t great at his job. But what do you do when a Toby walks off the screen and into your office? Priya Sarin […]

Human Resourcefulness: HR lessons from The Office’s Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert

The second episode of Benefits Canada’s new podcast, Human Resourcefulness, continues this week with a look at The Office‘s Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert. Dwight cares a lot about his company, but his suspicion and lack of humour make him a difficult colleague to work with. Jim seems like a great guy to grab a beer with […]

Human Resourcefulness: HR lessons from The Office’s Michael Scott

This summer, Benefits Canada is launching a new podcast, Human Resourcefulness, that looks at problems presented in fictional workplaces and asks experts how they’d advise those companies to respond. The first episode looks at Michael Scott, regional manager at paper sales company Dunder Mifflin, from the U.S. version of the TV show The Office.  Benefits Canada‘s Sara Tatelman and […]

Employers should embrace generational differences in the workplace: survey

The greatest generational differences in today’s workforce are employees’ communication skills, ability to adapt to change and technical acumen, according to new research by Robert Half Management Resources. The survey, which polled more than 2,220 chief financial officers in the United States, asked respondents to identify where they see the greatest differences among the different […]

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