Green Shield Holdings Inc. is acquiring specialty pharmacy NKS Health and digital pharmacy the Health Depot.

NKS Health, which is focused on complex disease management, has four accredited pharmacies, 19 infusion clinics and a national network. The acquisition will provide Green Shield Canada with additional capability in managing drug costs for employers while enhancing patient health outcomes, noted a press release.

The Health Depot, which has expertise in chronic disease management, offers an approach that ‘brings the pharmacy to you,’ while monitoring medication safety and helping to optimize medication therapy.

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“We are excited to be going back to where it all started — our pharmacy roots,” said Mark Rolnick, executive vice-president of pharmacy innovation and patient experience at Green Shield, in the release. “These acquisitions represent an important step in providing an industry-leading experience through an integrated set of services, including health case management for both chronic and complex diseases, adherence solutions and pharmacy operations.”

Zahid Salman, Green Shield’s president and chief executive officer, added that the acquisitions represent a milestone in repositioning as an integrated health services organization with the ability to insure health benefits, pay health claims and deliver health-care services while also administering all types of health benefits plans.

“We also look forward to more deeply embedding digital pharmacy capabilities in with our solutions for digital mental-health care and telemedicine as this will allow us to both better serve our clients and advance our social mission of delivering meaningful solutions to improve health and well-being.”

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