IKEA Canada is giving wellness days to its employees to support their work-life balance.

The wellness days, introduced in January, can be used for when employees have personal needs, such as appointments, illnesses or injuries, taking care of a family member, dealing with personal emergencies, volunteering at or taking part in a community event, weather-related events, financial planning or even spending time with a new pet, said a release from the company.

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Full-time employees can take advantage of 12 wellness days per year, while part-time employees receive eight.

“We heard directly from our co-workers that they were looking for greater flexibility to balance responsibilities between work and life,” said Tanja Fratangeli, IKEA Canada’s head of people and culture, in the release. “Wellness days enable IKEA to support our co-workers in fostering a healthy work-life balance and are one of many steps we are taking to create a more holistic offer for health and well-being.”