Global Featured Speaker, Jim Moore

events_images_headshots-Jim-MooreDuring the crisis, asset class diversification often did not produce the expected outcome. In many cases, traditional asset allocation approaches that relied on historical asset class relationships and ignored “fat tail” events produced concentrated and unintended risk factor exposures.

At the upcoming Global Investment Conference, James Moore, Ph.D,
Executive Vice-president, Newport Beach and head of Global Liability Driven Investments Product Management with PIMCO, will examine how mapping asset classes to risk factors and actively hedging tail risk may provide the foundation for greater portfolio stability and true risk diversification.

James is leads the global liability driven investments product management team and is a member of the asset allocation team. He is also PIMCO’s pension strategist. Prior to joining PIMCO in 2003, he was in the corporate derivative and asset liability strategy groups at Morgan Stanley and responsible for asset-liability, strategic risk management and capital structure advisory work for key clients in the Americas and Pacific Rim.

Jim also taught courses in investments and employee benefit plan design and finance at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned his Ph.D. with concentrations in finance, insurance and risk management. He has 16 years of investment experience and holds undergraduate degrees from Brown University.

For more information about the conference, please visit Global Investment Conference.