The MSCI Inc. is launching five thematic indexes to track the performance of what it calls ‘megatrends,’ namely the rise of smart cities, the digital economy, future mobility, disruptive technology and millennials.

Institutional investors can use these indexes as investment policy benchmarks, as the basis for passive products or as benchmarks against which to measure asset manager performance.

Each index is comprised of companies with exposure to the megatrends. As one example, the millennials index includes companies positively exposed to the spending power and preferences of millennials, such as popular brands, health and fitness, travel and leisure, social media and entertainment, housing and home goods, financial services, food and dining and clothing and apparel.

“It is widely acknowledged that there are a number of megatrends which will significantly impact the global economy and societies around the world, and we’re seeing increasing demand from investors seeking to align their investments to these long-term themes,” said Stephane Mattatia, the company’s head of index products for Europe, the Middle East and Africa and global thematic index products, in a press release. “This new suite of indexes provides them with tools they need to assess and measure these structural trends.”

The new indexes build on a suite of thematic indexes already offered by the MSCI, focused on cyber-security, robotics, ageing societies and efficient energy.