Time for the 60/40 model to evolve?

“With both stocks and bonds in freefall in 2022, it was a tough year for traditional 60/40 portfolios. David Picton, president and CEO of Picton Mahoney Asset Management (Picton Mahoney), and Robert Wilson, head of Picton Mahoney’s portfolio construction consultation service, agree that while the 60/40 model isn’t dead, pension funds must recognize and address some of its weaknesses.”

We're in a perfect storm – what comes next?

“After we go through a slowdown, which could be a recession, we will start to recover. Bonds will likely rally first, and then risk assets, especially stocks, will bounce back.”

How is Mackenzie differentiating itself as a leading asset management company in Canada?

“To me, agility and the ability to deliver truly bespoke service, with the backing of scale, is what sets Mackenzie apart”

What has the COVID-19 pandemic taught you about investment management?

“Successful investment management is a mix of science and art,” says Manulife Investment Management’s Patrick Blais. Learn how his team blends disciplined analysis, human insight and collegial portfolio construction in the latest Investment Insights.”

Aren’t emerging market equities very volatile for Canadian investors?

“Up to five years ago, “yes” was the answer to this question, but times have changed and emerging market equities have rarely been more diversifying for Canadian investors than they are today. Wellington Management’s Dáire Dunne adds that an unconstrained approach to EM investing can potentially reduce risk.”

How much is home country bias costing you?

“Pension plans are shifting their equity portfolios away from a home country bias and towards global equities – but there's still plenty of room for improvement, according to Maksim Piskunov, Associate Portfolio Manager of AGF's Global Team. Find out why he thinks a global approach to investing is more relevant than ever in an environment of rising populism and de-globalization.”