Fixed Income

There has been a regime change in fixed-income markets, according to Michael Trudeau and Frédéric Belhumeur at MFS Investment Management.

“Increased market volatility and macroeconomic uncertainty create more opportunity for active fixed-income managers to add long- term value,” says Frédéric Belhumeur, MFS Investment Management’s director of institutional sales. He’s joined by Michael Trudeau, MFS’s director and investment product specialist, in the latest Investment Insights.

What’s responsible for recent market volatility?

“In a financial environment shaped by unpredictability, we asked BlackRock’s Chief Investment Officer of Global Fixed Income, Rick Rieder, what approach his team takes on managing risk in these uncertain times and insights on what could be responsible for market volatility.”

Feeling Opportunistic?

“Opportunistic fixed-income investing has the potential to improve yields, returns and diversification, says Brij Khurana, multi-asset portfolio manager at Wellington Management. We asked him to share his perspective on opportunistic investing and on global fixed-income markets.”

Are Core Plus solutions the answer?

“Building an effective fixed income allocation in today’s environment is full of challenges. Are Core Plus solutions the answer? Investment Insights asked Rémi Tétreault, investment specialist, at Aviva Investors how institutional investors can benefit from adding Core Plus to a Core fixed income allocation.”

Think global, act local. Could that be the secret to successful Canadian fixed income investing?

“Find out why Robert Prospero, portfolio manager at Aviva Investors, thinks a global perspective with local portfolio management is critical to deliver resilient core plus Canadian fixed income solutions.”

Canadian Core or Core Plus Fixed Income?

“A Core Plus approach to Canadian fixed-income investing has the potential to improve returns without appreciably increasing risk exposure compared to a more traditional Core approach, according to Sunil Shah, Head of Canadian Fixed-Income at Aviva Investors.”

Can you manage risk more effectively?

“It's a question that keeps plan sponsors up at night – but with expert insights you can sleep more soundly.Find out how Aviva Investors' Rahul Khasgiwale and Sunil Shah approach risk and portfolio management, where they think plan sponsors may be underexposed, and what lessons smaller plans can learn from larger plans.”